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"To keep hope alive for a better life, a fairer & kinder society and equal opportunities for all"

Revolution is in the air. Now is the right time to be seen and heard to bring about change, address injustice and argue for the society we want. 

I hope to achieve this by publishing content in all its forms to appeal universally:


  • Personal tales focussing on telling my truth, celebrating my individual peculiarities and #owningmyuniqueness

  • Raising awareness & giving voice to important issues by sharing uplifting stories about heroic people campaigning for real change - following their own stars and doing their own thing!


  • Tackling modern day dilemmas by protesting through individual opinion pieces to try and effect positive change … after all, life is more exciting when you have an opinion?!


It is important to remember that no two persons see things in exactly the same way. Our judgements and opinions will differ based on our unique filtered view of the world, informed by our personal prejudices.


The aim is not to ridicule or belittle but to expand horizons, learn together and encourage open

& honest dialogue. I’ll help you see what I see and you can help me see what you see!


I've always wanted to do something significant to make a positive difference in the world - and, this is it!! 


Having finally committed to a greater purpose than myself, I’m hoping that #unapologeticallymel will not exist in isolation – that you too, will have a point of view and something to say! If this is to succeed and have some sort of real and lasting change, it really does need multiple voices, a spirit of collaboration and courage to flourish and enable the grandest impact.


Come on! Let's keep this fight going and hope alive!!

I stand for simple justice, equal opportunity
and human rights. The indispensable elements
in a democratic society - and
well worth fighting for.


Thanks for subscribing!

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