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Fighting the good fight

I was born and brought up in a land far, far away where you braai once a week, there’s a science to blowing a vuvuzela and apparently, wild animals roam freely (one of the many strange misconceptions about South Africa, the country I call home) – and once upon a time, apartheid laws forced people of different race groups to live separately and develop separately.


Looking at the world today through my irregular lens, as I’ve been conditioned to see and interpret it, I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility to step up and speak out as honestly and outspokenly as I can. I knew the time had come to stop being silent, and instead to open up and expand dialogue by offering an alternate approach for tackling injustice.

I’m ready and armed with an incredible amount of words – and copious amounts of exclamation marks, interrobangs & parentheses – that I’m determined to do an incredible amount with!

It’s certainly an irregular and quirky perspective reflecting on everything that has come before, and those defining moments in my life that I cannot possibly omit!

And if my words are to be my weapon – here’s hoping I succeed in awakening the hearts and minds in the place I’ve called home for the last 16 years and also, in ‘giving back’ to a country that I have so long neglected, a land and people who have moulded me into the woman I am today.

We who believe in freedom
cannot rest until it comes 


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