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EVERYTHING marketing

Bringing a fresh perspective with a solid background in business marketing and communication, I thrive in strategy, creativity, and teamwork. 

I've steered startups and empowered established teams to elevate their vision and products. I'm all about asking the tough questions, truly listening, and delivering nothing but innovative solutions.

My clients and peers might describe me as: "A vibrant mix of strategist, ideator, executor, and visionary - ready to shake up the scene with creativity and flair!"


And guess what? I'm that reliable person who gets things done without needing constant direction. I'll take full ownership and ensure top-notch delivery, always going above and beyond for my clients. 


WORK [life]


 [ what I do ]

01 brand

02 content

03 data & insights

04 email

05 events

06 interim

07 mentoring

08 social media

09 strategy

10 website.

CREATIVE [ portfolio ]

Melani worked for Keystream on a contract basis in 2022/23 to conduct a full brand assessment of our business. We found her to be hard working, innovative and highly knowledgeable in her field. Mel was also a breath of fresh air and great fun to work with and be around. I would highly recommend Mel for any marketing consultancy work - you won't be disappointed!
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