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Thank You for your stunning work at Penna during the last few months. I feel we are on top of the key issues and the team in a much more organised and focused state. Your energy, enthusiasm and drive from day one has been fantastic, and you immersed yourself so quickly in our business and made a lasting difference.


Mel joined our department in the latter half of 2023, during that time our department was going through big changes. Our manager had moved on, and myself and my colleague (who was a new addition at the time) were managing the department. Immediately she took the time to listen to us about the challenges we were facing as a department but also as individuals in our roles. I have only just begun my career into marketing, Mel provided a supportive, helping hand but also helped to better establish myself as a leader within my department.


From the beginning Mel hit the ground running and worked hard to quickly adapt to the fast-paced environment; offering a fresh take on old processes, keen insight and a wealth of knowledge in marketing. In her time with us she also helped both myself and my colleague gain the confidence we were missing, but also improved our ability to work as a cohesive unit to deliver a more integrative approach to our marketing projects.


With so much experience and a great network of connections, I feel Mel was the perfect person we needed to help push our work to be more creative, engaging, and effective. I hope to be fortunate to work with Mel again in the future.


Since first meeting Mel, I knew I was in good hands. Our team had been without a manager for a period of time and had become used to doing things in a certain way. Mel was able to see that we knew what we were doing, whilst also identifying the ways in which we could do things better. We weren't babied or had our hands held every step of the way, we were respected as the experienced professionals that we are, which contributed to the feeling of learning from a more experienced peer, rather than someone talking down to us.

Our department needed revitalising, and a major part of that was upskilling. Mel's can-do attitude was a breath of fresh air, constantly showing us ways to think of new content ideas, processes for extracting content from stakeholders, and ways of working better together as a team. Before Mel joined us, our marketing department had the chronic issue of saying yes to everything. Mel taught us how to have boundaries and how to push back. This allowed us to plan ahead for the future, utilising items such as our underused Marketing plan to allow us to create the space for us to say yes to more things in the future.

The best thing I found that Mel brought to the table, was her respect. She took the time to get to know the team, understand each of our skill levels and figure out how she could help each of us do better. It never felt condescending or cold, it was like learning from a friend. With 6 years of Marketing experience, it was just what I needed, and I wish we could have worked together for longer!


Mel is an extraordinarily talented and versatile senior marketing professional, who has a brilliantly positive and results-driven attitude towards her work and career.

Having worked with Mel for years, I am continually impressed by the breadth of her knowledge, her expanding skill-set, and her determination to succeed.

Mel’s positivity is infectious, and famous within her widening network. This is reinforced by her deep understanding of her craft, her knowledge and experience in marketing and marketing leadership.

Working for Mel has been rewarding in many, many ways; not only do we produce excellent work together, she has also shown me how to be a better leader, how to create a conducive environment for creativity in the workplace, and how to build effective strategies.

No matter what we’ve worked on together over the years, a brand video, an event, a report… She has always driven the product in the best direction.

A true master of her profession, I hope to work for Mel for many years to come.


Melani worked for Keystream on a contract basis in 2022/23 to conduct a full brand assessment of our business. We found her to be hard working, innovative and highly knowledgeable in her field. Mel was also a breath of fresh air and great fun to work with and be around. I would highly recommend Mel for any marketing consultancy work - you won't be disappointed!


Mel is an extremely talented senior marketing professional with a clear view of the customer roadmap and journey and an incredible eye for detail. She is hardworking and dedicated, gets across her ideas and reasoning and isn't afraid to push back when she doesn't agree! She was a pleasure to work with and I learnt a lot from Mel during our time working together. Highly recommend.


Mel was instrumental in helping us to take Colnort from concept to launch in the most challenging times. Upon starting, Mel quickly understood our brief and wasted no time in getting started, to say we were moving at pace would be an understatement and Mel did a great job of coordinating various suppliers and managing our expectations throughout. Mel’s depth of knowledge and experience across all areas of marketing is impressive, when it comes to branding and design Mel has a fantastic eye for detail and will work relentlessly to achieve perfection. It’s been a pleasure working with Mel and I would highly recommend her to any potential employer that is looking to recruit a senior, high energy and well rounded marketing director.


I have had the pleasure of working with Mel over the last year in her role as Director of Marketing, Green Park. We have worked on two projects in which I found her engagement style and client care refreshing. She is diligent, knowledgable and fun, always quick to resolve issues. I enjoyed our engagement and look forward to working with Mel again in the future!


Melani is a wonderful leader that takes the responsibility to immediately trust in her staff and their abilities. Working with her taught me a lot about being a woman as well as a woman of colour in the workplace and how to thrive. The skills she installs are invaluable and her friendly and encouraging approach to tasks ensures the progression and success of those working with her. Would love to collaborate with Mel in the future and I’m always excited to see what she has been up to!


Mel and I worked closely together during her time at Green Park where she was my line manager. During this time, Mel led projects that included the development of a new website, delivery of multiple content campaigns and the launch of original insight reports. While leading Green Park's marketing department, she successfully increased the organisation's online presence, driving traffic to the website and doubling Green Park's social following. As a manager, Mel was instrumental in driving my own career progression and skills development. Her skills and experience as a marketeer are matched by her infectious energy and her positive and hard-working attitude.


I have had the pleasure of working for Mel for close to 18 months now and I can truly say that I have enjoyed every moment of her tutelage.

She has helped me enormously in all aspects of my skill-set, helping me to adapt and grow, improving my weaknesses and fine-tuning my strengths.

With a contagious personality, Mel is able to lift a room and invigorate a sense of purpose toward a task simply through her energy & desire to complete the task to the very best of her team's ability.

Her knowledge and eye for detail is outstanding, ensuring all tasks completed on her watch were completed to her very high personal standards, allowing us to grow the McGinley brand at an exponential rate.

Whilst she will be sorely missed by myself and indeed all of us here at McGinley, we wish her the very best of luck in her future endeavors, knowing that she will be an outstanding success wherever her future lies.


Few people have the pleasure of working with such a talented Marketing Manager, like Melani Nair-Mason!
I have been working closely with Mel for 9 months; collaborating on many different social media / marketing projects for Unite People Ltd. She is an incredible mentor and coach, to someone like myself who has never dipped her toe into marketing before. Not only does she support and encourage confidence in my ideas; she helps me grow and improve upon them. It is always so appreciated.
Mel’s ability to juggle projects for multiple companies within the McGinley Group is second to none. She is always happy, smiling and making sure she lifts the spirits of others around her.
As a manager, Mel earns my highest recommendation and would be an asset to any team.


Melani has been a pleasure to work with. She is always very personable and has BUCKET-LOADS of energy that always helps get things done! During my time working with Mel we have worked on delivering new products and services that add value, but it doesn't work without Mel's great work in understanding, communicating and implementing them within her business. Thank you Mel!


Having the opportunity to work for Melani and her graduate blog, I recommend her highly to any employer. She has brilliant people skills and maintained a great working relationship with myself. She was able to produce and edit blog entries that had the ability to appeal to the target audience in an optimal fashion. Not only this, but all of her work was punctual and professional. Melani is extremely knowledgeable and able to seize opportunities when she is presented with them; the graduate blog she created was a clear signifier that she knows how to communicate with a target audience effectively. All in all she is a hard working, talented and driven individual who would be a great asset to any team.



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