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The 49 Odyssey

Updated: Mar 15

You’re an obsessed workaholic ... those were the exact words my husband used to describe me! I was unimpressed, of course, but he was 100 percent correct!

My obsession with my career and living life to its highest capacity was all-consuming. Constantly chasing deadlines was utterly draining, and putting pressure on myself to be everything for everybody (as I expected nothing less from myself!!) was emotionally exhausting!

THIS was my wake-up call, and the decision was clear - hit the EMERGENCY STOP button. Abrupt? Perhaps. Necessary? Absolutely!

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There was no specific plan in place—all I knew is that I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my family in beautiful South Africa. In the deepest corners of my heart, I believed the best way forward was to let the wind take me wherever it goes, and whenever it lands – I will survive!

Nourishing my soul with sun, sea, fresh air, and family, I learned to appreciate small moments that often go unnoticed.

It was a conscious effort to UN-complicate things and focus on what truly mattered to me.


Making the shift from hustle culture to slow living gave me access to new people, new skills, fresh insights, and, frankly, a whole new world. Pushing boundaries and trying new things helped me discover hidden passions (inner engineering and everything ‘Sadhguru’), talents (cooking—yes, believe it or not - a massive shock to all my family as I could just about fry an egg a couple of years ago), and aspects of myself (the relaxed version of me, in the true sense of the word!!) that I may not have otherwise encountered.  

Most importantly, it helped me reconfigure my head and heart - as more often than not, my head says one thing, and my heart says another.

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It's that season once more, where I find myself in a process of reinvention, reimagining, and reconnecting both with myself and the world. Also, I've been mustering up the courage to wholeheartedly commit to ... 49 new experiences.

It occurred to me that it was high time I stepped out of my comfort jammies (again!) and back into world of endless possibilities. No holding back, no pondering, just straight-up doing! Forty-nine random or ordinary, perhaps extraordinary, new moments.

Why 49? Why not!

Whether it's skydiving (eeeek!), dancing like nobody's watching (wooohoooo!!), trying exotic foods (yummmmyyyyy!!!), or embarking on travel adventures, it's all fair game—I'm just going to do it, get involved, and not dwell on it too much, as admittedly, I've become quite the overthinker.

This isn't just a checklist; it's a commitment to living life to the fullest❤️

It's my way of remaining curious and open to new ideas and, of course, embracing my splendiferously (fearless?!) inner child and allowing myself to experience the joy of being a beginner again.

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Buckle up, because I'm taking you with me—why? Well, why the heck not! Consider this your exclusive VIP pass, granting access to the laughter, the mishaps, and the triumphs that await in the 49 Odyssey.

Dive into a twelve-month journey of exploration, learning, and the unexpected where everyone is not just invited but warmly welcomed to be a part of the excitement.

This is more than a blog; it's an immersive adventure, a jubilant celebration of life, and an open invitation to join the sheer joy of living life to its fullest!

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So, what's next?  Reserve your front-row seat to stay tuned for a rollercoaster of updates, bursts of laughter, and a sprinkle of wisdom in between. Join the conversation, share your thoughts, and let's make this journey truly unforgettable together. 

Don't miss out— head to the very bottom of this page to subscribe now to be part of the excitement!


Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and I'm excited to share every moment of this adventure with you.


Hold on tight—because the excitement is about to begin!

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