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Melanissima: Spice, Seduction and Scrumptiousness Galore

Updated: Jun 25

Drawing inspiration from Nigella Lawson's tantalising food narratives (or should I say, food porn!), I'm plunging into uncharted culinary territories. Why? Because there's a first time for everything, especially in a year ripe for new adventures. Here goes... Caution: Prepare for explicit scenes featuring irresistibly indulgent experiences in the world of culinary seduction (nudge nudge, wink, wink).


Alright, let's kick off with breakfast, shall we? For ages, whispers of the legendary "Dishoom" breakfast had teased my senses, and at last, the moment of truth arrived. I finally found myself at its doorstep, and let me tell you, it was absolutely EPIC!

Picture this: your classic full English breakfast, with a twist that's oh-so-Indian, it'll blow your mind. I'm talking about your favourite English brekkie delights wrapped up snugly in warm, freshly baked naan bread.

Bold, audacious, and utterly irresistible—I'm already head over heels!

📸 Dishoom

Cheese on toast with a fiery kick of green chilies—yes, you heard that right! And don't even get me started on the bottomless cups of perfectly brewed, piping hot chai tea, infused with all the comforting spices of an Indian home kitchen.

📸 Banging Bites

Trust me, once you've tasted it, you'll be hooked for life. This is the kind of meal that I could (happily) devour (unapologetically!) day after day (without ever growing bored!), and mark my words, it’ll linger in your memory long after the last bite!

And then there was a Prince and his crown— the Prince of Peckham and the Tamil Crown—each delivering a royal feast to my taste buds. First up: an Indian-style roast dinner at The Tamil Crown, sister by relation to the Tamil Prince.

Who has the audacity to reimagine the beloved English roast, a staple of British tradition? English roast with an Indian flair?

How dare they? But oh, the flavours!

An explosion of spices and textures left me absolutely gobsmacked. Succulent tandoori-marinated chicken and a ginormous (!) lamb shank, cooked to absolute perfection with fragrant Indian spices. Say goodbye to the usual gravy and welcome a luxurious curry sauce, brimming with vibrant flavours of tomato, coconut, and fenugreek. Out with those ordinary roast potatoes and in with crispy masala-spiced cube-sized potatoes. And let's not forget the fluffy naan bread, eagerly waiting to mop up every ounce of deliciousness. Heavenly indeed!

📸 Instagram

The Prince of Peckham, on the other hand, transported me straight back to the Notting Hill Carnival with its cozy pub ambiance, the air thick with the scent of jerk chicken and the promise of good times ahead. Let me tell you, the aroma alone had us drooling before it even hit the table. And when it finally arrived, it was a sight to behold – plates piled high with mouthwatering deliciousness.

📸 SquareMeal

The jerk chicken was SUPERB – seriously finger-lickin’ good – smothered in lashings of spicy, unforgettable jerk sauce, accompanied by a delightfully refreshing homemade coleslaw. But what was missing? Plantain! I couldn't possibly fathom why such a classic pairing wasn't on the plate or the menu. After all, isn't jerk chicken just begging for some sweet and savoury plantain by its side? They've always seemed like the perfect pair to me!

And just when I thought I’d reached the pinnacle of flavour, along came a Chinese feast that redefined sophistication. This wasn't your typical run-of-the-mill takeaway affair – oh no! Nor the M&S version (get it??? Hahaha). It was an extraordinary interpretation of Chinese cuisine, where sweet and sour chicken and special fried rice were notably absent from the menu (apologies, Oliver!).

Instead, each dish emerged as a breathtaking work of culinary art, a whimsical creation that sparked the imagination.

📸 Hakassan

What a joyous and enchanting feast it was, where the boundaries of taste were pushed to new and exhilarating heights! It was truly a triumph as even Oliver didn't leave longing for his usual sweet and sour chicken – now that's absolutely remarkable! A HUGE thank you @Hakassan for an impressively unique and undeniably extraordinary meal that transformed a special occasion into an unforgettable celebration!

📸 Instagram

And then came dessert — oooh yeah!!!!!! Cue the heavenly choir: heaven must be missing... a carrot cake! Paul Rhodes, your carrot cake might be a tad pricey, but let me tell you, it's worth every single indulgent bite. Moist, perfectly spiced, and that frosting? It's unctuously creamy, just the way I like it! Seriously, BEST CARROT CAKE EVER!! And trust me, I'm pretty fussy about dessert, but this one hit all the right notes.

It's so good that it should come with a warning!

📸 X

So, what do you think? Do you reckon I have what it takes to compete with Nigella and give her a run for her money? Who knows, I might just become the next household name in the world of food😄🍴

If you enjoyed this, come along on my next Nigellissima-inspired adventure as we explore the delicious tastes of Türkiye. Don't forget to subscribe now at

📸 Dotz Soh

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